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Privacy Policy of AuditionFest.aSia

The Privacy policy is the very important for the Visitor. No mention here  in Commenting your Personal Address. You can mention About only your Personal data.

We are Collecting your Personal data and Mob no For Your registration Details.Please don’t mention here your Address Because we are not Responsible for any issues.

Online Advertisement Policy

Online ads AuditionFest.aSia use third party advertising company. Some of them like Adsense. They use DART cookie to serve advertisement based on user interest and previous interaction. But the user can stop this by visiting the Google Adsense and Content Network Policy.

Copyright Policy of AuditionFest

If you want to use the content of our website ,you first must ask us and you also have to provide credit links on the pages you have copied or used the content of AuditionFest.aSia Because All Content are Copyright to AuditionFest.


Images & videos on this website are copyright to their respective owner. Still, If you have Contact Us.

Comment Moderation Policy

We like comments and thoughts, but any comments which are abusive, racial or any way hurting anyone opinion will never be entertained. We always moderate the comments to maintain the integrity of visitors.


This is only Information Based Website. Information on our website is appearing on the show and audition. Just for Information and has been written to help people. We are not a partner and is playing a role in the show.
To audition the contestants, phones calls and differently about their audition to audition information should take. So you do not suffer any inconvenience. Information based website because it is just.