MAA TV Super Singer season 10 Audition and Registration Details

MAA TV Super Singer season 10 Audition and Registration Details : Super Singer is a Singing reality show of Telugu Religion.This show is not just Tamil Nadu but is now famous all over India.  This show is always shown on Maa TV. Season 9 after the end of the Super 10 season with Singer to take some new combat descend to audition.The winner of the best album of the show and get the chance to sing in films.

MAA TV Super Singer season 10 Audition

Super Singer season 10 Audition Process

Famous city of Tamil Nadu is in the ground audition. All cities are selected from the 18 contestant. Then there is the competition live on TV. Competitors are selected for which the assistance of the public vote.

Super Singer season 10 Audition Details and Registration

Season 10 audition yet does not declare. After declare details of the audition will be updated. As audition date, Audition City, audition venue, audition time.

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  1. m.durgaphanikumar
  2. Himavardha
  3. vijaypaul
  4. Hemalatha Venkata Chodavarapu
  5. swetha annaiah
  6. aravind busi
  7. renukavadi
  8. Teja Jyothi
  10. Khyathi
  11. Rana Tinku
  12. Sujatha A
  13. ranveer singh
  14. ravikumar
  15. Eswar
  16. Deekshitha
  17. Awnish Anand
  18. Durgaphanikumar Phanikumar
  19. raju
  21. V. Venkataramana
  22. Srikanth
  23. jyosthnasri seela
  24. Moni
  25. Mariselvam
  26. Hemanth Sai
  27. Ramu
  28. Pradeep
  29. naveen kumar
  30. Madhuri
  31. L.Hanmath Nayak

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