CID Veerta Award 2013 Sony Entertainment Television

CID Veerta Award 2013  is a Shared by Sony Entertainment Television to Encouragement  of in the society.this award is Bring for heroes people.who Common people is the hero and Bravery in real life. Its show is Givens by Based on CID serial.

The CID Veerta award  are two types Physical and Social Bravery .Who is the talented And Brave in the Heroes of the India for the help of Poor , Blind man in the social and Physical Fields?

CID Veerta Award 2013 Sony Entertainment Television

Who are  heroes  of  the Physical and social  Field in society?Who is the Honest Bravery man in apart a common man from the Crowd?The Sony Entertainment Bring the award those people.who people was suffered for that story?Please, they people please  send this video And fill the Application form And Contact Us on  05052525.

For the More Information & Term And Condition. For the fill application Form and Upload, Video Please click here.


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